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Control Salud is a medical application for doctor's offices and clinics. It gives its users all the tools they need for keeping the medical records of tons of patients up to date.

All of the different medical areas are contained in this application, making it possible to use the application as a tool for consulting any case (ophthalmology, pediatrics, kinesiology...). Additionally, it makes carrying the patients' records around much easier since you'll have everything you need inside of this application.

The program, additionally, allows you to manage the appointments of the patients. It will help you focus more on your consulting since the application will be the one dealing with appointments, reducing wait time, and other similar problems that have little to do with the medical practice itself.

The best part of the application is, undoubtably, that it comes with graphs that explain things to the patients as well as additional numbers that can be used by the doctor.

Control Salud is a comprehensive medical monitoring tool. Despite its slightly dated interface, it offers a good quantity of features with minimal complexity for its users.

Repository: ppa:michael-astrapi/ppa
Architecture: i386


The trial version has limited features.

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